Details about Registration

How much does reservation cost?

We do our best to keep the meeting costs (mainly: accommodation and food) as low as possible. Because these costs need to be paid upfront, we ask everybody who wants to reserve a place to pay their share of the costs ahead. In 2017, the cost per person is 110€. This covers accommodation for two nights (Friday and Saturday) and all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

For some people, 110€ is a bargain; for others, it is really expensive. To try to make the meeting more accessible to the latter, this year there are there cost bands:

    • 140€ – above the real cost per person, for people who can afford to help low-income participants;
    • 110€ – the real cost;
    • 80€ – below the real cost per person, for participants with a low income.

Hence, 20 people economically comfortable will pay a bit more to make the costs cheaper for 20 others with a lower income. We won’t be asking for any proof of income, we will simply trust you to select a price band according to your economic capacity.

When can I register?

We will have two rounds of registration:

  • Early bird registration: starting on the Thursday 2nd February at 21h (Central European Time); 20 places at 140€.
  • Normal registration: starting on the Thursday 9th February at 21h (Central European Time); 17 places at 110€ + 20 places at 80€.

We will start with the most expensive places to give an incentive to people who can pay more to do so. This will leave more places available for those who cannot afford the real cost.

Also, we need to make sure we have enough people willing to pay extra before we can open the cheaper places. Accordingly, the number of 80€ places that we make available is conditional to the number of 140€ places reserved (if fewer than 20 people register in the early-bird registration, there will be a correspondingly lower number of 80€ places in the normal registration).

Note that the 20 early-bird places at 140€ will not be better in any way than those at a cheaper value (e.g. no better rooms). People who get these places will be simply supporting participants with a lower income, not paying for special treatment.

How is registration done?

This year, registration will happen in four steps (these apply to each round):

Step 1) You fill an online form (Pre-registration)

The link to the form will be available in the Registration page when either the early-bird registration or the normal registration are open.

These are the questions we will ask in the form:

  • Your name, your email, country/city of origin (we won’t share this information with anyone else). We will also ask for the name you will use in your badge (e.g., your first name, a pseudonym).
  • Accommodations will be in two different houses (see Venue). So we will ask if you have a preference:
    • Can F (39 people; the main venue where all the workshops will take place and the food will be served)
    • Mas G (18 people; a 15 min walk from the main venue; generally quieter)
  • If you are registering alone, you will be given a single bed in a shared room (dorm) with 2 to 4 beds. So we will ask you:
    • What is your preferred room type? (female dorm / male dorm / non-binary gender dorm / no preference).
  • If you are registering two people, we will ask you:
    • The name, email, country/city, name on the badge for the other person
    • Your preferred room type (double room with double bed / double room with two beds / two single beds in a room shared with other people). You will be asked to indicate your second preferred room type in case it is not possible to give you your first preference.
  • In the normal registration round, the default cost will be 110€/person, and you will be given the option of applying for a 30€ discount, to get a 80€ place (in limited supply, so please select this only if you have a low income). In the early-bird registration, the cost is always 140€/person.
  • You will be given the chance to include other information you may want to give us (e.g. if you have mobility problems and need a room on the ground floor).
  • You will be also be asked to confirm that you understand what the meeting is about:
    • That you have read the code of conduct  and are committed to respecting it (to save you time, please go ahead and read it now!).
    • That you understand that this is an international event with English as the shared language.

Step 2) We check if we can offer you a place (or two)

After you submit your registration form, we’ll check if we can offer you a place (or two, if you have registered two people) in the conditions that you have requested. We will try to honour your preferences (cost, house, room type), but may not always be able to do so.

We will then reply to you within 48 hours with a reply. If we can offer you a place (or two), we will clarify the cost, conditions (room type, house) and how to pay.

If you tried the early-bird registration and we cannot offer you a place, we will encourage you to try again. If you can’t get a place in the normal registration, we will give you the option of being added to the waiting list, in which case we will let you know if a place (or two) becomes available later on.

Note that we reserve the right to refuse the registration to an IOCC of anyone who has not respected the code of conduct in a previous meeting.

To avoid messages from us getting lost in your spam folder, add to your list of trusted emails (or check your spam folder regularly).

Step 3) You pay

If offered a place (or two) and if you are happy with the conditions we can offer you (cost, room type, house) you will then have 72 hours to pay.

We will give you two payment options:

  • Bank transfer into a Spanish account – this should* be free from Spain and within the EURO zone.
  • Paypal – this should* be free for you if you have a Paypal account. If not, you can pay with a card but will need to pay a small charge.

(*we use the word “should” as that is the experience we have; but the rules for Paypal/Bank charges are complicated…)

NOTE: please use the Bank transfer option if you can. Indeed, there are very good reasons to avoid Paypal as much as possible.

After you pay, you must send us an email with proof of payment (photo/scan of payment slip; screenshot of confirmation of online transaction). If reserving for two people, you must sent confirmation of payment for both places.

If you do not send us confirmation of payment within 72 hours, we will assume that you are not interested and will offer the place(s) to someone else.

Step 4) We confirm your registration

Once we can verify your payment, we will send you an email confirming your registration. Only at this moment is your place guaranteed!

Afterwards, you will then be invited to join a (secret) Facebook group only for this year’s participants, where we will start discussing ideas for the meeting as well as sharing useful information (e.g., coordinating car sharing, train journeys…).

Why is registration so complicated?

This is what we came up with to allow you the maximum diversity of choice: any combination of the three price bands and two venues and multiple types of room. It’s more work for us, but it costs you nothing (other than bitten nails while waiting for a confirmation).

What if you need to cancel your reservation?  

If you find out after reservation that you cannot attend, we cannot reimburse you but you can pass on your reservation to other people who want to attend. Unless you cancel at the very last moment, this should not be difficult: in previous years there was a long waiting list, and we will be happy to put you in contact with people on that list. Note however that acceptance of a replacement person is subject to confirmation by us, so please contact us ( to formalise the change before money changes hands.

If something really nasty happens and the meeting needs to be cancelled for reasons beyond our control (e.g., a natural or human-made disaster) we will reimburse you as much as we can. Note that the closer in date to the meeting, the less we would be able to reimburse you, because as organisation progresses we make more and more irreversible expenses (e.g., we need to pay a deposit on the accommodation months ahead; we need to buy the food days ahead). So when you reserve your place and pay for your share of the costs you are accepting to share this risk with us. Remember that organisers pay for their share of the costs too, so we’re all on the same boat.

What about staying an extra night?

The meeting ends officially at 4 pm on Sunday, but the house owners allow us to stay for an extra night at a cost of 20€/person. Every year, a number of people (about half) opt for doing so. Given that there is no formal programme, it is a great time for hanging out with new and old friends.

If you decide to stay:

  • You need to pay us 20€ (in cash) by Saturday dinner time. This covers only the accommodation (no meals).
  • You need to organise your own Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast. Sometimes there are leftovers from the previous meals, but sometimes there aren’t, so make a plan in case there aren’t. Keep in mind there won’t be any shops open on Sunday evening, and unless you have a car you won’t have any easy way to reach an open restaurant; your only option to get food in will probably be pizza delivery from Figueres. You may prefer instead to bring some ingredients (e.g. pasta and sauce) to cook a quick meal…
  • Even though the meeting will be over, the code of conduct will still apply.
  • There will not be any “cleaning team” on duty, so you will be responsible for cleaning after yourself and to cooperate in cleaning/tidying up after collective meals or activities.
  • You must leave the house by 10 am on Monday.

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