International OpenCon Catalonia (IOCC) will be held at a beautifully restored country house in Galliners (a tiny village 130 km northeast of Barcelona and between Girona and Figueres, in Catalonia). Facilities include: swimming pool, sports area, a large garden and parking places. There is also a large communal area (which will be used for eating and workshops) as well as several smaller common spaces (both inside and outside).

Most sleeping rooms are for two people, either double (with a double bed) or twin (with either two single beds, or a set of bed + underbed). There are also rooms with three to five single beds. Bathrooms are shared between 4 or 5 people. Most rooms have access to a kitchen (with oven, fridge, microwave and kitchenware).

Most common areas are wheelchair-accessible and there is a limited number of fully wheelchair-accessible sleeping areas.  If you need an accessible room, please let us know when registering.

There is wifi (not very strong, but it is there…). Bed linen, blankets and towels are provided (but not toiletries). Smoking is only allowed outdoors.

Important: there are no shops, restaurants or cafes within walking distance of the meeting place (the nearest are 4 km away = 45 mins walking).


By car:

  • See map here and address here. And/or watch this video (in Spanish).

By plane:

  • The nearest airport is Girona.  Once you arrive at Girona’s airport you can take a bus to Girona’s train station (follow then the instructions below), or even better take a bus to Figueres and ask the driver to stop in Bàscara (4.9 km to Galliners) and from there take a taxi (see “by train”) or arrange with other participants a pick up.
  • If you come via Barcelona airport, take a train to Flaçà or Camallera (see “by train”). Typically you’ll need to change trains at Passeig de Gràcia.  Another option is taking a bus, if your landing time is close to one of the rides directly from the airport to Bàscara (4.9 km to Galliners): see info here or call +34 902 13 00 14. Once in Bàscara: walk, take a taxi (see “by train”) or arrange a pick up with another participant.

By train:

  • All trains going from Barcelona to Figueres and Cerbere stop at Flaçà (20 km to Galliners).  A few regional trains (the ones that stops everywhere) stop at Camallera too (11 km to Galliners). From both places you can take a taxi or arrange with other participants of IOCC to pick you up. Click here and then go to “View all the stations” to organize your train trip.  For info on taxis click here (+34 662 423 516 & 652 619 120), here (+34 662 423 516) and here (+34 972 794 016). You can also get a fast train from Barcelona or from southern France to Figueras Vilafant, and then (after a little transfer bus to Figueres bus station) get a bus to Bàscara (timetable here).

By bus:

  • If you are in Barcelona take a bus to Bàscara (4.9 km to Galliners) from Barcelona’s Estació del Nord or Estació Fabra i Puig. See info here or here, or call +34 902 13 00 14. Once in Bàscara: walk, take a taxi (see above) or arrange a pick up with another participant.
  • If you prefer to take a bus from Barcelona Airport, go to “by plane”.

Ride shares

  • If you’re driving, it would be amazing if you could offer ride-shares and/or pick-ups to other participants. We will create a Facebook group for the participants so you can discuss this possibility.
  • Groups of people travelling together may also find that there are cheaper options than public transports (e.g. joint car or mini-van rentals). We’ll have a participants’ discussion group to exchange questions and ideas.


The organizers are going to be busy ahead and during the meeting, so please do not count on us for picking you up with our cars unless it is an emergency. Plan ahead: use the discussion group to organise ride-shares or to ask for advice to other participants when planning your trip (ex., to interpret transport websites in Catalan).